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That awkward moment when...

To answer a friend's question: Why is it that the most super intelligent creative people suck at relationships and interpersonal connections?

I replied:

they try too hard... so, they lose themselves trying to please folks and fit in, for once. we live in a culture of anti-intellectualism and being one who works with their intelligence or who is creative is seen as a "cool oddity," but nonetheless odd and somewhat outcast. It's easy for these types of folks to lose themselves to fit in or be accepted and even loved. once you've lost sight of your uniqueness, you tend to think, do, and say things that are out of character and out of alignment with who you truly are. and, it becomes a toxic spiral - for the person and the relationship, until, they regain a connection with who and what they are and a comfort with being just that. for many folks who don't think too hard about things or analyze things on a regular basis, just being themselves is really easy (or at least much easier). when an important part of who you are involves regular and deep analysis of your life and life around you, that self-awareness and consciousness that gifts you with so many brilliant insights, ideas, and projects suddenly can become a real deficit as you struggle with deep and brooding self-doubt and self-consciousness. the need to overcome that and to be accepted and loved externalizes in people pleasing...or internalizes in depressions of various kinds. Just thoughts...and experiences...

#relationships #creatives #intelligentsia

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