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Superiority is a lie

Everybody knows about Mississippi...and Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon, Florida, ....and on and on and on...

Now, DO something.

We can't wait on a leader, the house is burning. We need to individually stop our own bigoted narratives & then inspire each other to stop our collective bigoted narratives.

The government won't change this for us.

The churches won't change this for us.

We must stand up and say "Enough!"

Do it in your own heart and mind first.

Stop yourself in your own bigotry. And, if you think you've been raised in this United States and have no bigotry running in your unconscious background....I invite you, I dare you to take another look.

There is a dangerous ideology that each one of us is responsible for dismantling, discrediting, and abandoning, as the prophet Bob Marley has said. The superiority/inferiority dialectic must be overturned. But, it can only happen from the inside out -- inside your own heart/mind first, then it will spiral outward on the proverbial moral arc that Brother King so eloquently expounded.

Blame is easy, but responsibility has infinitely more power.

Use your responsibility to change this world the only way it's ever been changed - from individuals willing to work on themselves first and thus empowered willing to tell governments, religions, institutions, whomever needs to be told, in no uncertain terms, that we will take our power back now, thank you.

#superiority #inferirority #bigotry #ideology #MississippiGoddamn #NinaSimone

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