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Facing the Sky

Image by: Pierre Jean-Louis, i wrote this for my Sisters the other day. I hope they don't mind me sharing it - they prolly won't. Do enjoy, and let me know what you think...

Facing the Sky

These days...

I awaken facing the sky.

These days, I realize that my expansion is inevitable, my growth spinning in a bounded infinity: not unchecked or unbalanced, yet freed to roam to the edges of the possible.

That sky I face each morning is the same sky we all face, whether consciously or not. This sky beckons to the best of you, "come expand, touch your horizons, grow with me."

When we step into the sky, we relinquish the ever-temporary certainty of the ground underneath one's feet for a faith that eventually yields to belief that finally releases both of these into the knowing of our ability to fly, our knowing of our oneness with this sky.

Knowing our powers for change, we fly free. Knowing ourselves as beings not of the Earth alone, but space travelers, We, whizzing past galaxies on our spaceship planet, in a dance with our sun. And all this, imagination of the Source of us, a Source that also shapeshifts to be Us. So, yeah, change is a superpower. we face the sky - metaphor in blue and white for all that is within us we have yet to explore, extended to the stars where we have dreams yet imagined - let us shrink not from our call to adventure and newness and change.

Face your sky, your stars, intrepidly with courage and grace and ease and smiles.

For the opposite of certainty is not uncertainty...

The opposite of certainty is curiosity...

Be curious and cause some curiosity today, Ladies!!



#Poetics #Prose #clarity

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