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Chickens coming home...

... ain't chall shame??!?!

I am so ashamed to live here right now...

...our "leader" had the gall to call 3rd world countries "shit holes" while we cain't think of nothing else to do but buy up all the toilet paper... And, meanwhile, the UN has said the US *is* actually a 3rd world country...

What the hell do we think we're doing, exactly?

This country... These people...

Y'all... What. Is. Going. On. Here?!?!

We look insane to the rest of the world.

We look selfish.

We look ignorant.

We look arrogant.

We look blind.

You know why?

Because we are.

We are.

En masse and by and large, we really are.

And we need to face that.

So we can finally do something about it.

Do something like...

Say no.

No to capitalism as a way to see and value the world and ourselves.

No to industrial imperatives for more and more and unendingly more.

No to unchecked and unbridled greed as a moral virtue.

No to separation between ourselves and the rest of the natural world.


Being an adult, being a mature and maturing being means we must learn how and when to say no, especially to ourselves.

Those of us who won't learn will die.

This is Nature's law, to which literally every knee must eventually bow.

And our time - western culture's collective time - is here.

We have entered the Age of Consequences, and ours are upon us.

Right now.

Everything is in motion, everything is changing, and it must. This is the Natural way of things.

Growth and change are signs of life.

Anything not growing is dying...which, ironically, is also change, also a part of what life is.

Death does not oppose life.

Life has no opposite. Life is all-pervasive.

And... we are either in the growth phase of life or the death phase.

Learning, at its essence, is growth and change.

Refusal to learn, at its essence, is death and change.

Everything is change and is changing.

But we have a choice of what side of it we'll be on - growth or death.

What type of change do you want?

We are at a precipice.

Not just with this one puny disease, but in our collective experience.

This dis-ease is a reminder, a reflection, an out-picturing of what is happening in our collective human conscience and consciousness, insomuch as consciousness is a focusing of life-force into a moment in space and time.

Our consciousness as the human fractal of life is in dis-ease, in a critical imbalance.

And this is the good news.

It's these points of imbalance that give us the opportunity to move the fulcrum and achieve new balance, to find new ways to be and live and do and have.

The 2 Chinese characters that make up the word we translate as "crisis" are widely mistranslated as "danger" + "opportunity."

This is misleading because it provides a little more hope than is actually indicated & intended.

The more accurate translation of the 1st character would be "dangerous or precarious" - close enough - but then the translation of the 2nd character is not quite "opportunity" but more like "the point where things happen, change"

Globally, we are at a precarious point where things happen and/or change.

And, mistranslation notwithstanding, we do have an opportunity here.

Nature is calling us all home.

And we better learn, really quickly, who we are and where home actually is and decide whether we want to be on the growth or death side of life.

Further, Nature will have her say because we ARE Nature. She IS us. We are One and not the same... yet and still One.

This Oneness is an intricate dance we're in, an ornateness we are drawing out in experience.

Our linear worldview doesn't describe it well. Our quantum worldview doesn't quite get there either. But we can imagine, knowing that our imagining is coming from somewhere not too far from here, not so distant as to be wholly obscure to our mundane lives.

And, we can surely feel it.

We can feel this Oneness...when we

Slow down.




Stop. Just long enough to remember who/what we really are. Beyond the dream of human being. Into the unmitigated feeling/understanding of the Unnamed.

It's a mystery. So we can't name it.

It's a mystery. So we can't know it.

But we can feel it.

If we slow down.

We can feel it.

And if we can feel it, we can live it - out loud & in living color.

We have a choice, an opportunity, as we stand at a nexus of growth and death, of learning and transformation.

Choose, Y'all.

And whatever you choose, know that there will be others with you. You are not alone.

Death is not a "bad" choice; growth is not the only choice.

But we must choose. Now.

May the change you choose be the change you need.


#Pandemic2020 #Covid19 #Choices #ChangeGonCome #TheAgeOfConsequences

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