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Brexit, plus...

Ok... I have been really quiet on world events lately, but... 1. #Brexit: the sh&t has hit the fan y'all. I hope you all can see that if separatist views can win in the UK...they surely can win here. Please, don't continue underestimating the legion of folks behind Trump-like ideologies. 2. There was a mass STABBING in China. Stabbing, Y'all!!! 29 folks are dead. Please, let's do the work it takes to deal with & fully understand the problem of violence. It's not the weapons, it's human psychology, folks. The problem is in our minds/hearts, not the weapons alone. Our desire and perceived need for them is the issue here.[**Redacted: this mass stabbing happened in 2014...the more recent one left 2 dead and 4 Massachusetts... this May.] 3. We need to prepare to take our minds back. Now. That's the only thing that we can "take back" that will make any real difference at this point. 4. Our freedom is in our hands. I'm out here selling stocks watching the markets plummet... #staywoke

#worldevents #Brexit #violence #freedom #politricks

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