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My name: Is

hello my name is

My name: Is

My name is not my own

My name belongs to the winds

that have blown down

from mountain tops and glaciers

for all of these ages

My name belongs in the songs

of birds and dolphins and whales and coyotes

and those other singing things

Like humans

who have found their way

undistracted by

being lost


My name is not my own

It is the name that the suns use

as they learn to shine

and give life

to newer worlds

inhabited by newer hopes

My name makes bridges from the

Nameless into the Formless,

into your heart

My name was yours

before you were born

and before we all agreed

to take this magical journey together,

to play this game that never ends,

that no one can lose,

that is the expansion

of eternal inspiring & expiring


from one end of this starmap

to the far-flung other

These stars,

these points of heartlight

give me torchtracks home

and they,

they named me

So you see,

my name is not my own

It is




in our farthest beyond

We are named for the perfection

that is ever- perfecting

in present progressive evering

Our name

whispers into your heartache

saying “hush now, it’s all for joy”

There is a knowing that

nothing goes wrong,

but our lenses do scratch and weather and obscure

at times

Even in the darkest of places

those stars,

those points of heartlight

call me

They call me by my true name

and hearing,

I can go home

I can realize home

where I stand

My name:


~ O. W. Ojukwu, 1/17/13


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