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Once you go 'white'...

My white people, my white people:

Now that you know the fallacious history of "whiteness," assuming that you do, will you still identify yourself and your family as "white?"

Think for a second... Let it sink in. You see, Black people - the ones taken from Afrika - were not the only ones robbed of their identity. You have been, too, white people. When you aren't "white" anymore, who are you?

I answered this question for myself in a quest to self-determine and self-define. I do not identify as anything my current or historical oppressors have called me or my People, but I will use Black for the convenience of communication. But, I don't answer to it. I am Uhuru, bathed in Afrika's heritage and free as the name.

So I ask again, now that you know the fallacious history of "whiteness" as an ethnic identity, assuming that you do, how do you now identify?

Who are you?

'Cuz, the way I see it, when you really 'bout that ending racism life, that ending white supremacy life, you gotta end 'whiteness'... too.

Holla back...

#whiteprivilege #whitefolks #whitesupremacy #whiteness

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