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The Age of Consequences

... do you recognize ‘history’ – those notable moments of human endeavoring – as it's unfolding?

are you one with Sight? one who reads the tea leaves? one who feels the shifts in the energies & the changes in the winds?

well then… you already feel what’s coming.

Earth caught in a tangled spider web is a composite image created for

this next "revolution" won't be like anything we've seen before, done before, lived before...

because all of our past bearing down on this one moment in time finds us all in possession of either:

1) great wisdom about our past actions & present circumstances


2) great delusion about our past actions & present circumstances

And, this polarity of ignorance and wisdom is out of balance. Yet, this world exhibits for us harmonizing balance at every turn; this universe shows us, painfully & gloriously, that imbalances will be corrected, voids will be filled.

they say we live in the Age of Information. this is incorrect for we ARE information.

we are the organized output of a conscious and sentient entangling of eternal processing and change - condensation of All That Is "in formation."

what we are actually living in and where we actually find ourselves is the Age of Consequences.

It's all coming down now, everything that we've thrown up – either by pitching it into the air or regurgitating it in hopes of seeing something we missed the first time around.

This is the Age of Consequences and, this time, "revolution" will look like…


you not getting to just sit at home while others are bludgeoned on the front lines

you not getting to drive to work and church like everything is alright - at least for you & yours

you not getting to continue supporting that which is actively killing you without knowing that and feeling it - the pain will be inescapable and real and unrelenting

you not being able to stand the cognitive dissonance of a society built on lies and continually lying to you about what is real

you either realizing the most important power you have is in your relationship to yourSelf and others (including non-humans and the environment that is the umbilicus connecting us all to this life), or you continuing to fall for the outright lie that some "other" set of people are the problem

This is the Age of Consequences.

This coming revolution will not free you as an automatic result of its occurring... none of them have; that's why we find ourselves here, now.

you will have to free yourself before the revolution calls you to account.

those who refuse to take upon themselves the response-ability of learning how to free oneself without need of immediate change in circumstances will be the easiest to catch in webs of propaganda and ideologies and slogans and the triggering of fears (sometimes deep fears that you don't realize you have...yet).

This time, in this revolution, we will be marching on & through our well-laid consequences... we cannot avoid them any longer.

The consequences of our own actions will not be what we are fighting against, but what we are fighting to correct, harmonize, endure, and at last grow from.

It's a final learning at this stage of human development.

It's not a proving ground, it's a deciding ground; will we learn what civilization means, or won't we? Will we use the magic in cooperation to turn profound darkness into light, or won't we?

There must be a razing of the old things, the old ways, the old thoughts to make this last decision about who we will become and how we will become it. This, to my mind, is the true meaning of the ‘resurrection’ told in the many spiritual traditions and wisdom teachings around globe & throughout the ages – the old dies to give life to the new.

Sorry [not sorry] if this is to "woo woo" for some of you, because for me acknowledging the entanglements of spirit in our matters (which were never separate in any real way, anyway) is very palpable and real, very actual and practicable in charting a direction for action and inaction (yes, inaction is very powerful when you know how to wield it).

Freedom will come at a dear cost, because we've enslaved ourselves to our idea of ourselves.

And in this dynamic, grand play on the stage of Life and Living, some played the oppressor and many more played the oppressed, but it is time to quit this drama, close the curtain, and put this episode to rest once and for all. That means, we must choose a new drama, a new human story to enact with new heroes and new myths and new relationships to explore – this time, more wisely.

This is the Age of Consequences, and if we will not address outright what this age brings, we will surely perish. Only our twisted idea of ourselves makes this prospect unpalatable and fearsome. This World knows full well that our swirl of experience that we call humanity will go on in one way or another and cares not for exactly how. That is the magic that sentience and consciousness confers - the ability to create, for a little while, your experience of the Dance.

This Revolution in the Age of Consequences is not something to fear and it is not something to ignore and it is not something to hope will go away like some rash or the latest scandal in the 10-day news cycle or something equally inconsequential. Together, we now face what countless individuals who once condensed into this reality and lived long enough to die (and know it) have all faced as individuals - that precipice between this focus of consciousness and the next; death they call it, a profound transition of one's state of consciousness & thence experience & thence life itself.

We now collectively stand at that precipice, staring into our next evolution – awake and all-too-aware. Dreamtime will be left to virtual realities; this waking is real.

We will continue on... but not like this.

Can you honestly imagine, as Terence McKenna once mused, 1,000 more years of this: wars, famine, inequality, racism, fascism, misogyny, oppression of all kinds, despair and its attendant coping strategies like drug addiction and senseless violence? How long do you presume we can remain half-dead to who /what we really are trying desperately to prove that everything else is better off dead, too… what good is a living, breathing forest/river/ocean/community/ecosystem, after all? there’s no market value until it’s dead, packaged, and sold. Can you honestly see behavior like this continuing unabated with no consequences to bear whatsoever ad infinitum?

If you can... you may continue with your regularly scheduled programming.

If you can't tolerate thinking that this degree of inhumanity and rampant inequality and exploitative power relations and brazen disregard for our Mother, our home, this Earth will continue...

then this is your time...

to free yourself.

Because, the consequences of not doing so are far worse than death. The consequence of not freeing yourself of all that binds you and addicts you and renders your own principles meaningless and calls you to betray yourself and your world is a deep, abiding pain that you will inflict again and again on yourself and others as you try, in vain, to extinguish it. And because this world, indeed, is just, you will be gifted with opportunities to experience this torturousness long enough and to significant enough degree that you finally realize you are the source of your own pain. If hell is real, it is this.

That deep, abiding pain will be the pain of your own Self-denial and Self-hatred … you know already what it’s like.

Just look around.

#revolution #humanity #evolution #reckoning

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