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Tears for ink

I saw a video that deeply disturbed me today.

I'm not bothered by being disturbed. In fact, I think more of us should be more disturbed by things that matter. Right now, a new-flavor horror flick is out and is very popular because it's managed to center the horror around something very real: racism. Well, I don't really get into fear for entertainment, because I feel easily and deeply. And also... because things like what I saw in this video* are all too real already, and that's enough for me, a bit of all I can take, really.

So this disquieted mood brought forward some tears and those tears brought forward some other emotions in their tides... and this is what happened

*(a link to the video I've referenced is below)

...meanwhile the rape of humanity and the earth continues (but that remy ma diss was everything.... right?)

Tears For Ink

I have a cell phone. And the weight i carry knowing what happens for it to be rips me apart. it's one of the heaviest things i "own" like 10,000 drops of blood from my own children, heavy and i feel like no one else even cares. and i feel helpless like a weak voice whispering into a typhoon and the waters are rising and i'm drowning holding the oars to a life raft that no one seems to even notice is just right there and the tears flow into the rising seas and i am lost and found again when i remember this is only one me and maybe i'm also somewhere else able to say 'freedom' and mean it able to see freedom and feel it i weep alone because i don't know what else to say to do to be my people my world can't hear me can't feel me and it's heavy because i care but i can't carry it and i can feel what's happening to me and we as we drown together choking on the saltwater what is tear, what is sea? what is you, what is me? I weep alone because i can see the horizon but i can't leave my people, though they can barely see me because i can reach the shore, though what good is freedom alone i wish i knew really knew how we got here i wish i knew really knew how to get back or forward or anywhere than this standing wave of oppression i don't think all this progress was worth it i think we've miscalculated some things a great many things and those miscalculations are being reckoned now by scales just beyond our reach operating in divine spheres of hyper-accountancy and i through you and you through me will settle these old debts our worst fears come true that we really will have to work it all out in the end

[ © O. Woods, 2017]

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#poetry #humanity #ecology #childlabor

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