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America for sale...

...capitalism, amerikkka style.

this is what built your 'great america,'

this is what you fight for still

this is what you pledge to

this is what this country will and must atone for.

don't wanna talk about it? was it too long ago... though you live now on the interest derived from these "great sales"?

demand reparations

demand atonement

demand that this system - capitalism/racism/white supremacy/imperialism -

come to its end, meet its demise at your hand

by calling the people who practice it to account, and removing their sources of power... for good.

you can't fight "racism" or "capitalism" or "white supremacy" or "imperialism"

these are ideas

you can fight the people who perpetrate these things

by removing their sources of power... and those sources?


and your compliance.

whether conscious, unconscious, willing, or unwilling... you are the batteries on which the whole mechanism has run

and continues to run


now what?

#Amerikkka #slavery #reparations #Power #whitesupremacy #capitalism

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