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Cash me ousside... then, what?

...look: if you think for one fraction of a second that this government and their henchman (your family members in the 'service') are not prepared to cut you down in the street wholesale with weaponry that you didn't even know they had... please take a moment to remember the young man they blew up with a drone in an extrajudicial killing in 2016, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Wounded Knee, Fred Hampton & the BPP, President JFK (in broad daylight), Kent State, etceteras ad nauseum...

Ladies and gentlemen, if you think that violence is the final arbiter of power, then they got the p*ssy, as your president would say.

With violence as your only best option, you'll never be able to think your way around their brute force (which your friendly military has honed to a fine art).

Once you realize that non-violent resistance & tactics are life-for-life, death-for-death, and tactic-for-tactic just plain, old-fashioned more e-fucken-fective then you may be able to step off their chess board and force them to play by your rules instead of the same old game of "resistance-crush resistance-repeat" that we've been playing since Ol' Chris left Spain and gave the world european imperialism.

Violence is zero sum.

Sumbody loses. Period. This isn't the game you wanna play, y'all.

Military strategy 101: do not approach your enemy from their position of strength. You must unbalance them by attacking where they are weak.

This government's military forces (police included now that they have fucken tanks and military equipment & training) will kill you and everything you love if you step to them in the theatre of violent opposition. And, trust, there are many militia groups out here who have been preparing for just that [remember the armed occupation of Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge?...those people.]... but these gunhappy militias aren't so stupid as to go after the whole government. Instead, they'll engage those that the government and its media has said are the source of all their ills - everybody else who's not like them. The folks they want to engage in a firefight are those they perceive as more vulnerable than them, namely: Jews, Black folks, immigrants, Muslims, women & girls (who don't know how to keep their mouths shut), "the gays," the disabled and destitute...and so on.

The best thing you can do - and I am so serious - is to lure your violent opponent onto unfamiliar ground -- a non-violent world-visible stage. This is where they are most uncomfortable, have the absolute wrong kind of practice, and for which they have the worst preparation.

Does this mean that in non-violent resistance there won't be casualties?

Gurl, please. This is amerikkka.

Remember Occupy? They are determined to never let that happen again, because it caught the ruling elites off-guard. This regime will do its level best to stop you at the first whiff of true uprising. This includes scare tactics and actual, for real killing of folks in the resistance that they reckon will get you to stop and fall back in line. Let's think about Occupy and how they crushed it... decimated it...even though this movement was worldwide. But, had it been violent, they could have dispatched it much, much sooner. It only got as large as it did, and lasted as long as it did because they could not get the folks to fight them. So... just mass arrests, slander in the press, discrediting the movement, and the other bully tactics they use so frequently was what they eventually resorted to for the takedown.

But if one gun had been brandished... oh, they would have been rubbing their little blood-stained hands as they picked up the phone to call your family members in the 'service' - the national guard, the police, hell the army perhaps - to come handle you and yo' friends out in them streets with your gun permits in your wallets & your fav-o-rite piece in yo' hand. Period. Somebody called me "scared" today for saying that Black people, in particular, need to steer away from tactics dealing with this regime and the changes that are coming using arms and violence. Scared? Nah, fool, I know a trap when I see one. Set-ups are easy to spot... if you think a little before you get ready to jump bad.

This ain't a reprise of "Shaft," yo.

The far-right militia/prepper/survivalist groups have been tracking for years the building and maintaining of certain large warehouse facilities across the country by the US regime. This they note with the militarization of the police & the increasing gun control lobby. Their theory of all this is that the elites of this country want to take their guns and then round them up in prison camps.

Before you say, "hahaha! those wackos are nuts!"... think for a moment.

Do you think that the US had prepared in some way for the Japanese internment? They did. It was not as spontaneous as it appeared. [look to the Dies Report... Japanese Americans were being investigated starting in 1939, Pearl Harbor happened in Dec. 1941...they were in camps by Feb.1942...]

If mass unrest kicks off (many things could bring this about right now, but that's another discussion), and Black folks in their gun clubs hit the streets armed & ready, and you think once it hits the media that "Black people who are "radicalized" and "terrorizing amerikkka in armed gangs" with "unchecked violence" in "attempts to disrupt society"" would not be the perfect cause to round up negroes (or anybody else who wants to try it for that matter) into the aforementioned warehouse-like facilities...

well, I'll pray for you & hope they don't cash you ousside wit'cho lil' rifles & shooting range certificates... howbow dah?

...there are better, more effective ways of unseating a violent, authoritarian regime other than trying to (read: hoping you can) out-gun them. Tactics that actually may work AND find you alive at the end of it all... how. 'bout. dat?

#militarism #guns #violence #nonviolentresistance

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