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We Are Uhuru

...we don't need to depend on the generosity of others "granting" us equality in their new nations here. We can claim it for ourselves!! ...we have all the elements to constitute a Nation...even land, though it may be non-locally dispersed. It'll be a new concept...but so was rule by the people (to the European mind anyway). We don't need the "protection" of laws and policies... We need the Power to protect ourselves!! Let's rise as one Nation. We are the Uhuru Nation, peoples kidnapped from our Afrikan homes and manipulated to serve and remain subservient. And still manipulated to this day - all across the diaspora. No more. This far and no further. I call for Nationhood. I call for Independence. I call for true and total Liberation, not emancipation. I call for reparation from those who stole not only our bodies but our minds. Freedom Now!! We are ignoring what is already in our hands...

Check out the WAU Movement at #PowerToThePeople #WeAreUhuru #UhuruNation

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