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A Nazi by any other name

...calling folks in this country "Nazis" gives you a pass. It lets you distance yourself mentally and emotionally from them. These are your people...sons & daughters of this country and its schools and churches and organizations. You cannot deny them as yours. Call them what they are, so that you can feel the full impact of them -in your own heart and mind- and really feel what they are doing. Then maybe, just maybe, you'll do something about it. They are White Supremacists & White Nationalists. They believe that it is naturally ordained for Whites (like you) to rule over every other race. Period. They believe that Whites (like you) are due any and everything they can acquire, no matter the means. And they really, really hate Jews, by the way. Jews and "race traitors" (like you). They barely bother to really hate 'blacks' because we, to them, are subhuman and not even deserving of their hatred, only their contempt and eventual annihilation. "The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name." ~Confucius #CallThemByTheirTrueName#NoOneGetsAPassThisTime

#whipipo #whiteprivilege #Nazism #clarity

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