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Great white hope

Pardon me: why are white people so surprised by white supremacists and white supremacy? Did you really think that you were not a part of keeping this system going? Did you really forget that white supremacy built this country on the bones and blood of hundreds of millions of souls? Where did you think white supremacy went? Were you really not aware that your complicity with this system of supremacy depended on you, too? And, that your unwitting and ofttimes indirect complicity made it easier for it to continue? And that you have inherited the "curse" that white supremacy has handed you and called "privilege?" Please, my European American brothers and sisters, do your homework...NOW. You're shocked & upset. We get it...but the entire system of white supremacy is corrupt and built on death. And... if that weren't enough, it's lethal for you and all of us living with it. It's killing people, cultures, animals, the oceans, and this planet. We need you to help dismantle it. If you really are outraged and shocked and dismayed by the behavior and attitudes of your fellow European Americans, then you must put your money where your outraged mouth is and help tear it down. And... that means...the "privilege" that you inherited from the death of hundreds of millions and the unpaid labor of centuries must be given up. Are you ready to do that? Or is that too far? There is a cost to this madness. It will extract a toll. If not on your body, then on your soul. So... what's "privilege" worth to you? If you are one of the millions of European Americans out there who say, "but I'm not privileged"... then that means you are poor. And you know the line they feed to poor European Americans? "Well at least you're not black." The majority of folks receiving food stamps...are white women. If you aren't poor, and you still feel "not privileged" you tell me the last time you were afraid for your life to go to certain towns or parts of town or to be stopped by the police. If you still feel "not privileged"... think about this... it will take 282 years (about) for Black people in this country to close the wealth gap with European Americans... That's longer than this country has been a country. Without economic power in this country and in this system... you have no standing. You are effectively neutered, even though they may call you "free." They know this...this is why Black folks never got their 40 acres and mule. It's like playing poker and having no chips... it's just a show having you at the table at all. We need our chips now, and reparations is only a part of that. This country helped rebuild Germany and Japan... what about us? Who will help us rebuild after being utterly destroyed as human beings to be fashioned into your permanent underclass to be exploited as long as possible? White folks... do something. ...really... DO something. You are not some nonviolent resistance, study some military science, study some REAL history (not just what they taught you in high school or even college). Study these supremacists and learn how to unseat them... FIGHT THIS! may now resume your regularly scheduled program #TearItDown #NoneOfThisIsWorthIt#ComeOnWhiteFolks

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