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Sticks and stones (and sometimes bombs)

Nov 14, 2016 10:07am

...they want us violent, because they know they can subdue us that way. That's their best game, their strength. They don't want us thinking and planning and strategizing, because they know... somewhere out here in this mass of minds, we are smarter than they are. And, can subdue them that way. Think. Plan. Strategize. Plan for contingency. Train. Act. #InThatOrder It's not our will that they need to submit to, it's our superior ideas, strategy, and tactics that they will submit to. They have no power. Do you hear me? They have no power...but the power you abdicate. Take it back... intelligently, skilfully, but definitely. Superior weapons to violence exist. Bullets are not the most effective way of defending oneself or one's community or nation. They want you to believe that, so they train you and condition you to believe that violence is necessary, that violence is good and righteous. So, when you see their masses of guns & bombs, they want you to think you can't win. They have lied to you. Superior methods of defense are available. They want you to think that violence leads to quick, neat, instant results. Lies. Look at Syria. No really, Google some photos...look at it. There are superior ways to defend oneself, one's family, one's community, even one's nation. They don't want you thinking that or knowing that. 'Cuz it's all they've got. Killing masses of people is never worth the few that are supposedly being 'saved' in that action...and all the fallout and bad blood created in the aftermath. This is not the superior way to solve conflicts. Not the way of a conscious humanity. It is the way of barbarians, troglodytes, and a lethal laziness that is cancerous in the human soul. I say no more. This far and no further. We must refuse to participate with these antiquated systems of human interaction. How much death and destruction is enough for you? Decades? Centuries? Eons? There are superior ways ...that have been studied and have worked that did not involve armed struggle, but ended in the overthrow of dictatorships. Cannot we, in (apparent) greater freedom, think enough of ourselves and our humanity to end oppression here? I say we can. I say we must. Violence is a scourge of the human psyche and a disease of this human condition. We cannot solve this ill using its devices. We are smarter than this. Let's (finally) act like it. Oppression will not solve itself. We must do it... intelligently. They are waiting for us to come with they can crush us utterly and finally. They aren't expecting... #LetsGetToWork #IntelligenceTrumpsViolence #ItsNationTime

#freedomfighters #nonviolentresistance #nonviolence

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