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Shop 'til you...'s coming... y'all ready? #REALBlackFriday Do not participate in this or any other Black Friday henceforth now and forevermore... Retrain and re-educate yourself about what a real "gift' is... it does NOT have to come from a store (online or at the mall). STOP purchasing unnecessary things that the media-industrial complex has trained you to crave. Re-educate your children about what a TRUE gift is and how they can make them right at home with the skills and talents they already possess. Instead: take the money you were ready to send out of your own community and INVEST IT IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Do not, however, run to a bank (which is controlled by the banking system... please research the banking system in this country or ask someone for guidance on this). Invest in COMMUNITY credit unions... or, with like-minded people, START a community credit union or a local investment group in YOUR OWN community. If you must buy something, try your level best to buy it from someone in YOUR COMMUNITY. (an updated national list of black-owned businesses is coming; hang tight. for others in other communities, I'm nearly 99% certain that you already know who owns the businesses in your communities.) We must reinvest in ourselves for our economic survival... stop being lured to economic slaughter. Blackout Black Friday. Spread the word. #REALBlackFriday #TheChangeStartsWithYourStateOfMind #HitThatShareButton

#blackfriday #consumerism #economics

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