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...what does #Blaxit look like, you ask? real quick: In short... an economic, political, and governmental divestment from this nation as we form our own Nation within this nation (think the Indigenous Peoples) and our own government and economy (even our own military) and especially our own schools. We will claim our right to the land on which we stand given the vast unpaid labor we've given to develop this country -- infrastructurally & economically as well as socially & culturally (not to mention the broken promises that this government made to us about recompense for the Great Enslavement). Our Nation will reach out to others in this country who support our natural rights to freedom and self-determination and help to bring harmony among the groups in this country in celebration of our differences. Clear? Holla @ me to discuss... More to come... stay tuned #Blaxit #ItsNationTime #NaturalRights #SelfDetermination#WeAreUhuru

#Blaxit #citizenship #UhuruNation

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