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...this, my friends, is a simple swing of the pendulum back in the other direction; a part of the political cycles in this country since its inception. this has occurred over and over throughout the history of the government here. we could have anticipated this, and many of us did, but hopefully this wake-up-call (this time) will be loud enough and jarring enough to spur the sustained push for total change that is necessary. after all...why shouldn't the wisdom of sages and even scientists through the ages apply to this country that 'what you sow, you shall also reap?' We are not an exception, no matter how we'd like to believe so... we can't avoid the harvest of the seeds of death & sorrow that have been planted & nurtured here...but we can determine our role in ushering in that great day of reckoning and the razing of these bitter crops. take your eyes off politics for a moment and look at the condition of this country and its standing on the international stage, particularly economically... You'll see the reason for the election results. These elections are always about seating the person who will best serve the economic goals of the moment: either conservation or expansion of hegemonic capitalist control (here and abroad). The quest for economic domination has lead us to a ~$20 trillion dollar national debt. Our credit bubble will burst. The question is not if, but when and how. The ruling elites continue, however, to distract us all with politricks. there are bigger fish to fry here... and bigger ponds yet to explore... There are better ways... #WorkToDo

#politricks #capitalism #economics

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