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Strategery in this dancery

...please! no reactionary marches or sit-ins or walk-outs... get your mind right and your plan together FIRST!!! (at least) Please, for the love of logic... get an agenda together, get a plan of action... strategize... A CALL TO THE LAST YEARS OF GENERATION X: we are the ones who are old enough to have more direct experience with the machinations of this country and its government and young enough to look ahead with fresh optimism and energy that can connect directly to the younger folks... talk to these millennials about the value of STRATEGY! calm them down, reassure them tell them we are working this through, but protesting and yelling at folks who aren't listening to you anyway just dissipates your energies... these folks have been strategizing since Pres. Obama took office 8 years ago... EIGHT YEARS planning for this moment... retreat is also a strategy... you must know when to advance and when to fall back... #TakeSomeTimeToStrategizeFIRST #WeNeedMoreGeneralsOutOnTheField #ReadSomeMilitaryStrategy

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