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Is you is or is you ain't?

...can I talk to my people who voted for Trump for a moment? Or even if you have folks close to you who voted for the Republican ticket? I felt compelled to respond to a dear friend of mine who said that not all people who voted for Trump are bigots ... Here's my reply... ... citizen's united will return... LGBT rights will be rolled back... Roe v. Wade may be overturned... Racism is not just an attitude... As a matter of fact, it works best without the overt prejudiced attitude. Racism, as you know, is a politico-economic system of oppression of a mass underclass for the advantage of the minority group that is in control. Supporting that, even if you don't "hate" anyone is still racism - no bigotry necessary. Racism is political because a minority seeks to control masses of people. Racism is economic because a minority seeks to control the distribution of resources and wealth. You don't have to be what we like to think of as a "bigot," yelling epithets in the streets to participate in oppression...but you do have to be the kind of bigot that thinks it's right (even natural) that your group holds most, if not all, of the wealth while others in your backyard are shot, beaten, marginalized, poisoned, and starve trying to get even a 10th of the resources you enjoy - resources that are built upon and gained by the bloodshed and on the bones of a mass genocide and mass holocaust. And then dare to claim it's their fault they are in the conditions they are in...ignoring the rampant and obvious inequities that have created and maintained their conditions in the first place. Peoples have been divested of their natural human sense of self and power using this system. That is what it's about. If you support it, own it. And let us know who you are so we can Is you is or is you ain'tsee you, too. Clear? If not, holla at me and let's discuss... #ItsNotAboutYourAttitude #ItsAboutEconomicsAndPower

#bigotry #Trump #whipipo #racism

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