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...ok... this is a platform where I can speak my mind freely (mostly)... In my work life, I can only say the words they give me, even though with that platform, I speak to millions... Here, I can speak my own words, but it seems I'm only heard by a few... But I'ma try... So... I need y'all to talk to me... We have to really communicate now... This isn't just about cool memes and cute turns of a phrase. we need closed groups so we can really discuss things... So tell me... If I create podcasts, will you subscribe? I have time that many of you don't have: to study, research, write, think, and plan [& meditate] (I've been spending hours and hours doing these things already on my own time, buying books that are out of print and reports and essays with my own money for research, etc.,etc. I have only one person right now helping me - for free - to put together a listing of all black-owned businesses in the country [the list is paltry, so far, Y'all])... If I create a Kickstarter, will you support me in the hours upon hours it takes to do all of those things and also bring on others to help build a real People's platform? If I create video blogs, will you watch and subscribe? If I start a reading, watching, listening, and discussion group (in person and virtual), will you join AND participate? I'm ready to exhaust myself to free my people, because I believe: 1- Freedom of the Afrikan Peoples in America will lead to freedom for the rest of this country and the rest of the world. 2- our Freedom is connected to everyone else's Freedom, and our continuing oppression - everyone's continuing oppression under supremacist capitalism - will eventually strangle the entire planet. I have my next books of poetry I'm about publish and a series of videos about to enter production...but I will put all of that on hold - indefinitely - to dedicate my words, my mind, my intellect, and my communication skills to you. If ev'ry poem I write from now on has to be a secret code telling the people bits of the plan for freedom, so be it. If half of what I record has to be messages of freedom and our plans for power, so be it. If the books I need to write contain our new declarations of independence from systems of oppression, so be it. If you're satisfied with your nine-to-five and your car and crib and plasmas and such... this isn't for you. It's Nation Time. Boa Me Na Me Na Mmoa Wo... "Help me and let me help you" This is the meaning of the Adinkra symbol of interdependence and cooperation that is attached to this post. And... It is tattooed on my left shoulder...


What can I do to help? What will get you moving and active for our Freedom? If you have ever "liked" one of my posts... Tell me what I can do to help you get it in gear... Holla @ me... #WarriorGeneralAtYourService #SkillzOnDeck #MindOnFleek #ReadyForRevolution

#BoaMeNaMeNaMmoaWo #help #freedomfighters #freedom

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