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I call bullsh*t

...burnin' that Frankincense...calling the ancestors... 'cuz no matter what, I am Sovereign. ...and don't forget, the ruling elites' power comes from US... WE must allow them to do what they do, whether they wear red, blue, or white.... If you don't get out there in these streets and talk to people that you don't know about why you voted 3rd, 4th, or 5th party and get mayors and sheriffs and Congresspeople and governors of those parties elected...I call bullshit. You're bullshitting if you won't get out and back up your vote by doing the WORK to get that party on your local and state ballots and in local and state offices. And the "work" isn't just about raising money. Yah, you need that too...but you need to TOUCH PEOPLE, talk to them, tell them what you believe and why...educate them. These folks out here votin' for DT ain't had nobody to talk to and listen them for YEARS in this country, and they are united in their thinking and their common cause 'cuz they been talking to EACH OTHER! It's not hard folks...but it takes real work. Yeah... brainwashing does work...but talking to people, human-to-human works better. To this very moment, even with the billions spent on advertising each know what sales tactic still works the best?... Word of mouth!! Advertisers have exploited social media as a "once removed" form of it it's so powerful... If you abstained and you're not trying - from now until 2020 - to start your own revolution, right where you are, and get in these streets and talk your talk and tell people what alternatives to this dysfunctional system that you and others like you are coming up, too, are bullshitting. Get out there and tell peole what's going wrong in this society and how you see making it right. Educate people on your out-of-the-box theories and models for a new society. Then organize, dammit! All Y'all... START NOW and don't stop until you begin to see changes come. And they don't necessarily come at first and definitely not all at once. And you will have setbacks and their will be frustration. Folks may even infiltrate you - if you taking that real, real - and try to co-opt you our buy you out...resist and press forward. There have been movements on top of movements all over this country for decades... We have the theories the plans the ideas the people...we now need the MOVEMENT, from all corners of this country. Organized behind a common goal: FREEDOM. For everyone. Period. We need ALL the ideas folks. Please don't sit on your ass waiting for "the right" idea. There is no such thing. Get up and do your part in getting your piece of this revolution going. In this day of quantum physics, we can launch a non-local revolution that comes from everywhere at once to completely overwhelm this system. C'mon Y'all! Lemme unapologetically burst a few bubbles here: No one is coming to save us. No asteroid is coming to end it all. This system will not endure for all time and is not all-powerful. No one will stop supremacist capitalism...but US We were all handed a raw deal from those who handled this country before us. In differing roles and to differing degrees with different responsibilities and capabilities, we now must set this shit right. I don't care what you've heard... This IS the revolution. And ain't no revolution I've ever read about or heard of that happened within the confines of the prevailing I call bullshit on Bernie's "revolution" too. THIS is the revolution we've heard about for so long. If Pres. Obama was ever right about anything he was right when he said, as many folks before him have said, WE are the ones we've been waiting for. Don't stop here. Don't give in to this system just running as it usually does. I don't care of your candidate does win...this shit has to change, from the ground up. Period. Break out of the 10-day-news-cycle activism. Theorize - get your mind right & ideas together Mobilize - find the others and come together, united get out and touch people Organize - put your ideas up on their feet, trash the bad ones and work the good ones to create workable structures Stabilize - get your feet under you and build your real power from your tested structures Galvanize - reach out in your stability to groups who are different than you but have the same fundamental goals and friggin' help each other!! C'mon y'all. I'm out ch'eah witchu... Now is the time. Right. Now. We are the freedom we seek. #BelieveInYourself #IBelieveInUs #DontForgetWEHavePower #DoNotRestDoNotStop #EverTowardFreedom #WeAreUhuru

#bullshit #politics #elections

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