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circa 3:55 am – {I hesitate to post this. I hope it will be of some use.}

... currently reading and researching and basically giving myself a PhD in a yet heretofore defined discipline centering on freeing a people from oppression... I'm reading what feels like everything at once from history to economics to warfare to politics to anthropology to religions & cults to... you get the picture... During my studies tonight, I stumbled upon a white supremacist website. I've seen them and studied them before, so that wasn't the shocking thing... The shocking thing was ... The list. There was a list of 166* other sites (some with links to yet other sites)...

*[UPDATE: I've now found well over 300 active websites] I found a "documentary" (and I use this term very loosely) that is 6 1/2 hours long (& appears to have been made within the last few years) on Adolph Hitler. It's his "untold" story. So far very laudatory of him and his achievements (I'll update you on how it turns out. I can say this: their interpretations of history are extraordinary. The logical twists and turns they use to recast historical events is astonishing).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I don't scare easily. But let me tell you something... If you - yes you - don't take seriously the neo-fascist white supremacist movement(s) that has(have) been festering and growing for decades in this country, you will be summarily blindsided when they come out into the daylight... And they ARE planning to come out into the daylight. Soon. And this, this scares me.

These people have only been emboldened by Trump. He didn't create them, they've been here all along. Trump is soooooo not the issue. This very strong, very real, very organized, and very armed undercurrent of white supremacist neo-fascists in THIS country IS the issue.

Let me say thank you, to DT for this one thing: Thank you for (hopefully) alerting 'Murica to this clear and present danger. Hopefully, because I am really not sure anyone really cares enough to see for themselves what a dangerous powder keg we're all sitting on. These people are not concerned about anyone's lives but their own - and sometimes, not even their own. Sometimes, pure ideology wins out over all reason or humanity or preservation of life. Y' website has a tutorial on how to "spot" a Jew based on facial features. Really., really. One site suggests that before you go out in your "heroic" Jew killing spree, you should conduct a "dry run." And...AND, the adrenaline rush you get is normal, you should "enjoy it," and it shows that you are physically and mentally ready to carry out your "heroic" duty. Really. These people are serious.

I may receive some not-so-nice messages again for posting this, but I could care less at this point.

For the love of Life, Y'all, get informed. Don't be afraid to look at what these people are saying and doing frankly and outright; the light of consciousness is a mighty force. Know who you're dealing with. And, to properly do this you must devote some real time and effort AWAY from "mainstream" media.

These people ... sheesh...these are real people, and what scares me about them is the hysteria they seem to whip up when they are ready to "strike." The level of xenophobia and paranoia they have and the blind rages they go into to harm others and the rationalizations they fashion to ease the cognitive dissonance to do's otherworldly, y'all...and not that world with unicorns and faeries.

There are millions of people in this country who want to make America white, all white, nothing but white. One site said they would "help" everyone else to leave. They are not joking. They are ready to move on this now...why now? Because they are armed, have a makeshift economic base, they have been "prepping" for years and years, and they have "friends" in power to help them. Their words, not mine. This film on Hitler has me thinking... He alone didn't thrust the world into WW2... It was the millions of Germans behind him. The millions. There are millions. Right here, waiting, preparing for the "inevitable" race war.

For all that's holy, you all, are we just gonna keep ignoring this?... Until when? What'll have to happen before we say “no more?”

Their ideas don't scare me; their power to enact their that's scary to me. And if you think they don't have power, real power... Ask yourself about David Duke's senatorial run right now... He said a few months back, "Now's my time." Hmm. Wonder why he said that?

I don't know what else to say. Questions? Holla @ me…

#EverTowardFreedom #WorkingOnAWorkablePlan #ItsHittingTheFan #WhiteSupremacistsExistInTheMillions #SOS

#racism #whitesupremacy #Amerikkka

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