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Don't believe me, just watch

... #4 when you consider that we (as human beings) believe what we want to believe, and what we want to believe is most often what we consider to be to our advantage/benefit (whether that 'advantage/benefit' is objectively factual or not - we do deceive ourselves... we do) then... i wonder... how often do folks question their beliefs? how often do you question why you believe what you believe? and further, what 'benefit' does it provide for you to believe what you believe? said another way, "why do you even want to believe it?" with all the politrick discussions about emails and tax avoidance and grabbing women without warning or permission and unethical business practices and superpredators and being for and against LGBT rights and being for and against a woman's right to choose what happens to her body and on and on, ad nauseum... i ask... whatever of this morass of distraction you choose to believe... why do you want to believe it? because... ultimately, whether what you believe is "true" or not really doesn't matter. that you believe it, however, that is what really, really does matter...because it will inform your attitudes, and thoughts, and thence your actions. and, there's the rub... no one else has to deal with your "beliefs," my friends... nay... we must contend with your actions, spawned of those beliefs #WhatYouBelieveYouBecomeThenWeHaveToCleanUpTheMess #CheckYourselfDaily #SomeBeliefHygieneMayBeInOrder


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