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To post or not to post

...#3 - a small plea for sanity... Please, stop reposting foolishness. Do you realize that giving foolishness and sensationalism more attention is 'muddying the waters' of y/our collective un/conscious? If you haven't checked the source... don't repost it. (I've taken things down that I realized were not valid) If it's validating, glorifying, or simply displaying gratuitous violence... don't repost it. If it's slandering or shaming someone... don't repost it. If it's harmful to someone in some way... don't repost it. Ladies and gentlemen... this game of 10% of the world ruling over the other 90% involves and requires your ignorance. Ignorance is an ACTIVE process. It is not simply the absence of knowledge & information, it is oftener the presence of unimportant, incorrect, and useless knowledge & information. Because, when you learn something, you are simultaneously not learning something else. One way to induce and inculcate mass ignorance is to give you heaps and heaps of useless, unfiltered garbage information. And the more of it you consume, the more ignorant of practical, useful, and powerful information you become. You are participating in your own stupidity. (I really don't like that word, but it is the most accurate in this case.) It isn't just "they" who are 'dumbing us down,' we have been recruited to do it with and for "them." And, we are now - with the help of social media - doing a better job than anyone could have hoped. Just as you are careful about what you eat (and you are, aren't you?) you must also take care for what information you allow into your mind. If you eat too much or eat trash, you will corrupt your body. If you take in too much unfiltered trash information, you will corrupt your mind. These are not opinions folks. This is simple psychology. There are longitudinal studies (studies conducted during long periods of time, following the same participants) that you can look up for yourself about these things. This is why the advertising industry (developed by the best that western psychology had to offer in terms of understanding the mind of the 'consumer') spends BILLIONS to coerce you into wanting things you don't need and not wanting things that don't make them money. And sometimes... sometimes, you may just need to stop and ask yourself, "why am I even posting this?" Please, for you, for me, for all of us... stop posting any and everything, willy-nilly. Check your sources... and, if necessary, check yourself before you post. Please. #ItsOKThatWeShareButLetsTakeSomeResponsibilityForWhatWeShare #UpliftConsciousness #WhatYouPutOutIsWhatYoullGetBack

#attitudes #responsibility #foolishness #willfulignorance

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