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I, racist (?)

...someone calling themselves intelligent called me a racist today wanna know why? because a young lady somewhere on the interwebs made a comment about being "fortunate to be born white," to which i responded that I found it humorous that anyone would say that considering the legacy of "murder, theft, genocide, and oppression" is not something particularly "fortunate" in the long view of things... she was white. the 1st respondent calling me racist was a white male. he was then joined by another white male of the same opinion and he even thought that it should be obvious to me that i am racist. i, according to the respondents, am racist for pointing out what i consider unfortunate (& irrefutable) bits of fact and history... oh... and another white woman chimed in and said something to the effect of it is the fact that white folks benefit from said murder, theft, genocide, and oppression that makes whites fortunate and thence privileged... *sigh has it come to this? what are we teaching in schools? #IgnoranceHasNoBounds #IGiggleAtFoolishness #DontComeForMe and anyway #IAmUhuru!

#racism #ignorance #whipipo

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