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Attitudes of power

...#1: racism is not merely an "attitude" toward others. racism is accompanied by the power to act on said attitude and to impose your will on someone else's life if i hate you... so what. but if i hate you and can take that hate and prevent you from obtaining employment, prevent you from obtaining housing, put you in prison (whether justly or not), kill you with impunity, prevent you from connecting to your true history, distort your sense of self with unrelenting misrepresentations in the media, etceteras, etceteras ... this is racism. period. racism is defined by the power to inflict pain and suffering onto the bodies and lives of others. racism is an expression of a power relation, not merely an "attitude." that kind of attitude without power is just assholishness. questions? holla at me... #ALittleBitOfKnowledgeIsATrulyDangerousThing #LogicSavesLives

#racism #attitudes

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