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Gold chains... are still chains, the problem with supremacist imperialism is that it oppresses everybody - EVERYBODY. Many of my white friends and folks i see posting all across the interwebs seem to think that doing something about "racism" or "supremacy" means "helping the poor black folks"...

Y'all... is your life so comfortable that you don't see or feel how supremacist imperialism is crushing you too?

'Cuz it is...

This system of supremacist imperialism is set up to serve the 'minority interests'* of the elites. (*please see the US Constitution). Those elites? White, male, monied, landowners.

When this cabal has no more use for you, you are discarded, disenfranchised, exterminated, or a combination of the three.

You wanna know who else is jailed in record numbers?

The under-educated or uneducated poor. And they are not all folks of color.

The sad, dangerous, and insidious thing about the system is that imperialism soaked in supremacy works best when those who are oppressed by it, don't realize they are oppressed by it.

Harriet Tubman said that she freed 1000 slaves and could of freed 1000 more...had they know they were slaves.

Folks... Someone has to break it to you...

If you aren't in the top 5% of this system, you ARE being oppressed in such a way as to:

1- keep you from fully realizing this

2- keep you feeding the interests of the system

3- tailor your very values to support the system, even and especially against your own interests

To reiterate: it works best when you don't know it's working. That's the "best" kind of oppression.

This is the crux of the work that well-meaning

and well-DOING white folks have to do...

Did you think it was just a "black" thing?

Racism is not the problem, folks. It's a tool of a supremacist imperialist ideology, agenda, and system of economic growth, development, and control. It's a tool for dominator culture to wield power over others it deems inferior.

If you are not in the elite echelons, YOU are inferior in the eyes of this imperialist supremacist system.

Oh...and one more thing...

Imperialism: of empire.

There's no 'democracy' or 'free market' in an empire.

Empires function by a small group seizing control of a much larger group. It thrives via oppression. Of everyone. Everyone who is not elite.

You are a part of an empire (albeit, probably, the oppressed part).

Just sayin'...

#OpenYourEyes #ItsNotJustOppressingOthers

#WeAreAllBreathingTheSameAir #ItsInTheCulture


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