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It's the economy, y'all

...putting together regional lists of Uhuru-owned businesses and services to create an easily searchable online directory and commensurate mobile app... There are some directories out there, and ... We need more of them! More searchable resources of vetted businesses so we can stop making excuses for the abysmal handling of our resources and economy. (Yes...we have an economy, it's just functioning horribly for us, is all. We save $0.02 of every dollar. Really??! 2 cents, Y'all?! The billions that circulate through our economy annually leave our hands, on average, within 15 minutes of acquiring it. 15 MINUTES! Y'all... We can do better. But we gotta do it together...C'mon... We can do it.) *[oh...and we also exhibit a horrendous trade policy. Whaaat?! You didn't know we had a trade policy?! Well...we do. And other nations within the US know it. We don't know it 'cuz we've fallen for the American "myth of individualism" and don't look at ourselves as a united Nation of folks with common interests and goals. But others do...they see us as a unit that acts (& spends) in certain predictable patterns, just like any other nation. We need to start seeing ourselves that way - as a unified Nation - and begin changing those economic patterns to benefit Us! Let's not keep making this hard... No more excuses. We have the knowledge and skills in our Nation to act like one. So, we need a functional economy. By the way, our trade policy right now is what an actual "open market" looks like. ...See why no restrictions on trade is a bad idea? See why the US in no way has a true "open market"? It lets all kinds of folks in to sell to you whether they give you any benefit in return or not....think foreign-run beauty supply stores, grocery stores, and gas stations, in Uhuru neighborhoods all across the country. Why do you think they come into our neighborhoods? Do we have stores in their neighborhoods? Do they buy from our merchants? See...a sh*tty trade policy. Is the picture getting clearer?] Pro tip: the "United States of America" is a bit of a misnomer. It really operates like the "United Nations of America," housing nations within the nation. The Uhuru are one such Nation. Need Y'alls help, for real and for serious. I normally don't accept PMs from folks I don't know,'s time we start opening our consciousness to trusting one another again. Our lives kinda depend on it... So, send me names, numbers, websites and direct business contacts (if you have them) to get the regional lists started. I'll be vetting business for the lists with actual contact and research. This will take a great deal of time, research, and commitment to get this moving, so anybody (any-Serious-body) down to help, holla at me so we can discuss. #InThatGreatGettinUpMornin #TimeToWakeUp #TimeForIndependence #ConsiderThisYourLastAlarm #BuildingAnEconomyThatWorksForUs


#economy #UhuruNation #blackbusinesses

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