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Grab 'em by the what?!

...for the sake of a world without misogyny - which, I admit, will not happen in my lifetime or anyone's lifetime who's living - I must and will, henceforth, amend my language. Immediately, if not sooner.

I don't care how many cool, hip, down, or otherwise "on trend" folks think that calling someone a "bitch" is ok, for "fun" or otherwise a "term of endearment."

I won't; I can't do it anymore.

I don't know when it became alright to use p*ssy out loud in public discourse, but this is absolutely not alright, folks. You know, just like "bitch." Golden Girls was the first US television show to ever use the word out loud without censoring it with a bleep. That was recent folks. So, what the hell is going on here?

We are normalizing public misogyny at the speed of the internet.

A man in a bad wig says p*ssy and that gives literally everyone license to just say it on national and international platforms in the name of open discussion and some aberrant form of journalism? Oh...there was that time when Gary Johnson called the man in a bad wig a p*ssy during an interview a few months ago, too.

We'll censor f*ck, but not p*ssy all of a sudden?

The man in the bad wig used f*uck & p*ussy in two adjacent simple sentences, yet your memes out there only censor the f-bomb.

Are we blind, willingly or ignorantly or some twisted version of both?

This, Ladies & Gentlemen, is full-grown misogyny replete with rape culture antics.

And it's so blatant and bald-faced that no one, apparently, can see it...or, at least, won't say they see it.

Well I for one, will say this man in a bad wig, wannabe emperor, has no clothes. My outrage is not about a misogynist saying the things they always, always say.

My outrage is at a populace, a polity so conditioned to inequalities, injustices, and outright abuse, that just like the battered souls of this dysfunctional relationship with supremacy in all its forms that we are, we simply take it. We take it and argue with each other about the strawmen that have been erected for us to knock down, about the windmills set out for us to chase, we just argue with each other about the symptoms of a pathological system instead of questioning the causes of the pathology ...and then f*cking doing something about it!

I can't watch... it's like witnessing a head-on collision.

We have reached a new high in low, people.

No one is coming to save us. We must save ourselves.




#misogyny #manners #integrity

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