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... if the African peoples descended of those who were forcibly brought to America (black folk) chose, in a collective act of self-determination, to name themselves something that had nothing to do with anything that our colonizers have called us or the land they forced us to work, but at the same time honors our African heritage and ancestry.... what do Y'all think about calling oursleves the "Uhuru" people?

We would no longer be Negroes, Blacks, or African American...we'd be Uhuru (and eventually, we'd be recognized worldwide as the Uhuru people).

Uhuru is a name for us that our African brothers and sisters on the continent and across the diaspora could recognize as connecting us to them.

And the best part:

Uhuru means freedom. We would literally be calling oursleves the freedom that we seek.

The best way to have what you want... is to be it.

What do Y'all think?

(spread this around to your friends and folks and get their thoughts on it)

It's Nation time, Y'all. "They" don't think we can/will do it... Let them wait on that other thought that's comin'...

#UpYouMightyNation #NationTime #Uhuru #Umoja(Unity) #Kujichgulia(self-determination)

(don't be afraid to share if you are of another nationality or ethnicity... we need allies! Show your support of the Uhuru People!)

UPDATE: to learn more about the WAU Movement now underway, visit !!

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