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Educated fools

...I'm now of the opinion that we are in one of the most (if not the most) miseducated industrialized nations on this pale blue dot.

It's not funny anymore.

Very few of us (regular folk) know how the US government actually it ACTUALLY works.

It's not just the voting and the elections and the race relations...

It's the economics and international relations and the financial markets and our real reasons for war and ...this list goes on and on.

We are dangerously miseducated - not just uneducated, or undereducated, but miseducated. That means we are actively and intentionally being lied to and misled - continually and consistently.

Please, if you think someone has some knowledge you can benefit from, ASK! Have them teach you something ... And friggin' LISTEN for once. Or go and do some research. We all have access right now to one of the largest compendiums of human knowledge ever assembled. It's not that hard anymore to do real, quality research. It just takes time and will and a sincere desire to know.

"They" (read: supremacist ruling elites) have us believing that this country's largest problem is friggin' racism. It's laughable if it weren't so scarily sad. People, the racism thing is what it's always been, a tool for a simple game of divide and conquer. (Plus, the complete subjugation and dehumanization of an entire people which continues to this day.) We say "we know, we know," but then keep playing into it. Racism is a ruse ladies and gentlemen. It's a hoax of an idea with deadly consequences that is used to turn us away from the true agenda and politico-economic aims of the bankers who run this joint.

Your leaders don't run for office here! That's not how this system is set up. Even the elected officials have been duped. Look at what Woodrow Wilson did to this country with the Federal Reserve Act!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about either:

A: ask me

B: look it up

C: a combination of A & B

Can you hear me?

If I hear one more person say that folks voting for Trump are idiots and know-nothings, but you know nothing about the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), what the BRIC nations have to do with anything, why we really have this long-standing "thing" with Russia, or why Bill Clinton REALLY went to Africa in the 90s...I'll need you to check yourself and have several seats.

We need a mass re-education program in this country on several different levels.

For real.

And it starts with you, in your home, right now.

#GetToWork #TheresStillTime


#ItsBiggerThanRacism #ItsBiggerThanThisShamOfAnElection

#governement #education #readmore #miseducation

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