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Loc'd up is now totally legal in this country to deny me employment/the right to earn a living based on my heritage and culture as expressed through my chosen hairstyle... If I refuse to cut my hair, you can refuse me my right to a livelihood - regardless of my qualifications.

I haven't ever talked about this out loud because this is a personal matter & I try to keep it that way. But now... now...

For 8 of the 11 years that I have worn dreadlocks, no one else touched my hair but me. No one else saw the top of my head uncovered but those who lived in my household. This was, for me, a physical expression of a spiritual journey that I set out on many, many, many years ago. I am not Rastafari, but my spiritual journey is like my first language - taken from many places and cultures where I find truth and resonance with my own sense of Self. Just as English pulls from many languages to express its view of the world, so does my personal spiritual journey.

The Hindu god, Shiva, wears dreadlocks, the holymen of India (sadhus) wear them, the Nazarites of Judaism have worn them, some Sufi sects of Islam wear them, the colonies of the West Indies since the 1800's have worn them and the Rastas began to incorporate them as well.

But... the rest of the world sees them as a 'black' thing.

And the world (of European consciousness) fears black things.

This is why even the hair of the darker brothers/sisters were "dreaded" and named thus.

This legislation wasn't passed in 1619, 1776, 1863, or 1963.

They passed it THIS week.

How am I supposed to vote for this system of clear supremacist tactics and marginalization?

No, really... How, in all 'good' conscience can I rationalize supporting this system one more year/day/moment?

I'll wait...





#Rastafari #dreadlocks #locs #legal #legislation

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