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Ode to Nikki

... i grew up listening to Nikki Giovanni's "Truth Is On It's Way." It was a part of my introduction to poetry and the rhythm in words, the power of sound in grammar, the hidden subtleties of syntax and juxtaposition. From her, i learned how to discern the resonance of my highest knowing, that place beyond my everyday understandings, and to spin that into language and light.

She awakened my revolutionary spirit and my own power to speak truth when I need to.

I dare you to listen beyond the musical intro to hear her speak one of her most powerful poems in my opinion. "The Great Pax Whitie" is just as relevant now as it was in 1971.

#RepentForTimeIsShort #TheJigIsUpAmerica #WeAllMustAtone #HowDoWePlanToUnDoWhatHasBeenDone?

#NikkiGiovanni #poetry #spokenword #inspiration #poetess

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