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Water been wet

...lemme drop this on y'all real quick...

My grandmother and her friends used'ta say "water been wet" when referencing things that appear to suddenly be relevant and new, but in actuality have been going on all the time, unnoticed.

The lies, deception, undermining, and manipulation have always been a part of the American political system. However now, with a slight shift in consciousness and the help of technology, more of us can see it.

To all these political shenanigans and the ideological & polemical wrestling matches that follow, I offer the micro-haiku of my people:

Water been wet.

#ItsAlwaysBeenThisWay #ThisIsHowItsAlwaysWorked #DidYouThinkWhenFolksSaidItWasRiggedTheyWereJoking #WhatDoYouThinkWeHaveBeenTryingToTellYou #SendingSmokeSignals

#wisdom #ancestors #politricks #politics

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