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Playing a trump card


I try not to post things like this. I'm trying not to mention any of my political opinions directly right now...


Please. Please. Please, this is not the game we want to play folks. We, the People from whom our "leaders" derive their power, must be strategic in our next political steps.

My ideal is a totally free society. But, there are steps to take between where we are now and that ideal.

Initial steps may not be exactly what you want, but they must - at least - move in that general direction.

Trump is the absolute antithesis of any direction we want to go.

Stop. Reconsider. Strategize.

This election is not the end to anything.

But it can be the beginning of our collective push toward true freedom & self-sovereignty.

...if we are smart and move towards that goal... together.

#politics #Trump #strategy #freedom #selfsovereignty

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