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Beyond election 2016

I am calling on all sane, sensible, life-loving folks to join me in brainstorming on what to do after this election to take our power as sovereign individuals back. Forget taking a 'country' back...I want my own power back.

The largest issue facing this nation right now is not this illusion of choice called an election. The largest issue is whether or not we, the people of this nation, are going to wake up and stand up or remain as ignorant as they have tried to keep us.

I say our evolution is nigh & like old shoes you've outgrown, you can't wear them anymore without real pain. When is the pain enough where we say "that's it, we've had it, we're moving on?"

Systems don't change; people do.

#WeMustChange #TakeBackYourMindToTakeBackYourPower

#Power #politics #change #wakeup

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