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...we must call forth all of our political will to say, "No!" to bigoted, fear-driven politics, policies, practices, and governance... and we must follow that with showing (not just telling) the ruling classes our, "Yes!" What's our "yes"? What do we really want? Time to define it unequivocally, proclaim it boldly, and execute it expeditiously. Our house is burning. Time to wake up and act. Now. Don't be paralyzed by the "how" of it all. Start with the first step -- that's you and your family, and your friends, and your community, and your city, and those near you examining your own hearts and defining your own agendas and steeling your resolve to do whatever it takes to see your dreams to fruition... your dream for your life can be defined, designed, and implemented by you. This is what it really means to be free. Free from the constant anxiety of oppression, free to determine your own sense of life, liberty, and happiness, free to set your own direction. This is self-sovereignty, people. Sound like too much responsibility? Governing yourself? Can we stop asking other people and institutions to do our job for us? Why do we elect and pay people to make laws to govern us and then pay yet more people to make sure we follow the laws we asked to be made for us? Where is our zest for life and liberty? Can we not govern ourselves? Being ruled by others is not the only option, folks. Thinking that we must only choose from the options (candidates) presented to us is a false choice. Buying into a false choice goes like this: Henry Ford jokingly remarked upon making the first Model T cars that customers could have any color they wanted, as long as it was black. A choice that's already chosen for you. Whew! I thought I'd have to actually think there for a minute! We're smarter than this, and "they" aren't any smarter than us. Besides we outnumber them, dramatically. We can choose to opt out of the current political systems. We can also choose to create our next systems ourselves. Indeed, I say, we must out of responsibility to ourselves and our world. If we know what we have is broken, unhinging, inoperable, why are we still trying to work within it? Why aren't we, the people, hustling to create the next platforms so when these crumble (& make no mistake, that's what we are witnessing) we are ready to move on? Yes, we'll need a bridging process. But, who of y'all is actively working this thing out in their own mind right now? We'll need many, many models, not just one. There is no silver bullet. It's all of our responsibility, folks. The next ideas must come from us, not our 'representatives', 'cause I think we can all see now they are not representing us -- not any of us. How many of you have thought out what can happen next? Not what will happen or should happen, what can happen... if we dare to be really free. Our house is burning. First, abandon the inferno, then try to tamp the flames. Why stand in the middle of the blaze wondering why it's so hot and begging the firemen (who set the blaze) to do more to save you? Funny thing is, the firemen are in the house, too. We are all in this together, have no doubt. We will not be able to simply cut out the undesirable elements, like so much surgery, because we are all a part of the same human body. We will need to find the trick of cooperation and harmonize our individual and collective response to the crises of consciousness we are all facing. At every death, something else is being born. Let's focus on what is to be born of the detritus we stand amidst right now. Let's, as Fifty Cent has said, find how we can "turn shit into sugar." Something in all of this can help us to move to a greater level of consciousness and civilization. Why not look for that something? those somethings? We will make a difference toward the change (read: freedom) we all seek when we recognize our situation and resolve to take just the first step out. The path will illuminate under your moving feet, have no fear. It's time for a new approach. It's time for a bloodless revolution. It's time for the freedom that we all deserve and now have the responsibility to forge and use. “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” ~Harriet Tubman #GetUp #StandUp #Togetherness #EnoughIsEnough#FreeYourMindToFreeYourBody

#BobMarley #GetUpStandUp #politics #freedom #freedomfighters #slavery

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