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...look...I am tired of white people telling me "don't lump me in with those racists" as if wanting to pretend that "those racists" are some alien, fringe group.

These are your people. They are people. You can't solve "racism." Racism is an idea.

But you can deal with PEOPLE.

This young lady has parents, who are people, who are helping to provide an environment for her mind and consciousness to develop these lines of thinking.

This is not an isolated incident of individual ignorance. The social unrest in this country clearly demonstrates otherwise.

Please stop ignoring that real people are parenting/training real (young) people with this type of consciousness. Even your silence - especially your silence - teaches.

It's happening amongst you. All around you.

Say something to your family, friends, acquaintances.

And keep saying it until they hear you.

Thinking this way leads to very dangerous, treacherous, and even murderous consequences.

The changes we need must start in the consciousness of real, actual PEOPLE.

My white folks, if you hear me... Please talk to your people. And keep talking until they hear you.





#superiority #inferiority #whipipo #whitefolks #racism #whitesupremacy

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