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2¢ on reparations

So... Y'all been talmbout reparations.... Well my 2¢:

...if they offer you money for "reparations," say no.

Instead, ask for a release from debt slavery.

Yeah...I said it -- complete and total debt cancellation.

Remember: what you want is FREEDOM (for ALL of us).

When the consciousness of a people is such their economic situation allows money to circulate in their 'community' for only 15 minutes....tell me where that money would be in 1 year after a monetary reparations process given directly to individuals?

.... Riiiight! It'll be (mostly) right back where it came from.

We need to approach the US government from a position of power, as a Nation with a government.

As individuals, we are still weak (and enslaved, truth be told).

As a united government, reparations can be more than just a puny carrot dangled in our faces to get us to shut up about freedom.

As a united government, reparations can be processed through our National systems for our collective benefit, not just frivolous, unorganized consumption.

IF the US offers us reparations as individuals, pleeeeeeease know that it's an okey-doke, a rope-a-dope, a set-up. We'll only get one real opportunity to get this country to do reparations the "right" way...we must do it as a unit, together, as a Nation and government, as One.

Don't be blinded by cash. The US dollar can be devalued faster than they would like you to believe.

As a Nation with a functioning government and economy, we can create our own cash.

What we need is to declare our freedom.



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