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seeing red...

...if you think for a moment that Sanders could have overcome the red tide that has deluged this nation... you have another thought coming. the people who - according to the numbers - came out in droves to support the republican ticket would not have been dissuaded, nevertheless turned by Sanders. Au contraire ... the primaries had them swamping the dems by 3 million voters... but the dems just played the game as though they weren't there... it's lazy to simply say, "Oh if you had voted this way or that" or "Oh, if you had run Bernie"... nah, son... please do the math. republicans swept the entire south. The. Entire.South... like it was 1860 all over again. NOTHING other than a Dem version of Trump would have turned their heads. They had been waiting for a person like him to give them permission to step out of the shadows. This isn't anyone's "fault." That's reductionist and just too simple. This is a reflection of the state of this nation's psyche. think about that for a minute... #ItsReallyReal

#Republicans #politricks

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