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If you were witnessing the death throes of an empire... What do you think it would look like? economically? politically? socially? morally & ethically?

How do you think it would go down?

How would the government treat their 'people'?... How would the people allow themselves to be treated? You know, being ruled over by an imperialist regime and all?

Do you think the people - by and large - would be fully aware of the coming collapse?

What empire has ever stood in perpetuity (even though they all planned to)? How did they go down?

How many times have the people orchestrated the end of an empire? How did they do it? Looking back these, perhaps, centuries later, were their efforts 'successful'? (*Define "success" in this context)

Are you even prepared - mentally, emotionally, physically, and personally to begin wielding your own power?

What does your power look like, feel like, move like?

What is power?

The strength of any nation is not in its military, resources, land, or economy. It's power and strength is in the minds and consciousness of its people.

So... what'll you have:

Clinging to the illusions you've been fed?

Or, do you take your power back and execute a controlled demolition?

Just wonderin'...

#IThinkTheJigIsUp #GetYourMindRight


#wakeup #dying #selfsovereignty #empire

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