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Oil for Kool-'aid'

Dig this:


...this is also how the US government goes into countries around the globe that need "industrialization" and provides them with "foreign aid" packages via the World Bank & International Monetary Fund... This is the typical racket of the ruling elites and banking cabals and how the USA uses economic hitman tactics on countries that have resources we want for ourselves.

We do this rather than bomb them & take stuff.

But if they refuse our "aid" package and they have no nuclear capabilities...well, then we just bomb them & take stuff.

(oh...and apparently Haiti is still being punished for staging the only successful slave rebellion against European colonizers and thence forming the only free government to date founded by people enslaved by the Europeans...and also, they're sitting on a LOT of oil...that they don't have the resources to tap themselves because of the economic sanctions that have been ongoing since that lil' ol' rebellion)

#ReadyToDoSomethingYet? #SoImVotingForWhatAgain?

#foreignaid #imperialism #capitalism

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