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Here you can find out about the latest offerings from Oni. There's so much more to come, so stay tuned!

Speed Limit 55:
poems in a Chicago Season

SPEED LIMIT 55 is a book of free-verse poetry written by Oni Woods. It's a unique way of looking at the world and an equally unique way of expressing it. Amble through the pages here to find the quirky, hilarious, touching, beautiful, and the downright strange. SPEED LIMIT 55 drives at a bit of the human journey that we all share. With a love for the irreverent, SPEED LIMIT 55 breaks all the rules. And isn't that what poetry is all about? When was the last time you broke the rules?

Mile 84:
poems to ride to

MILE 84: POEMS TO RIDE TO is an exploration of free verse and “prosetry” – poetic pieces written in a freeform prose.  This is the second volume in her “Chicago Trilogy.” In Oni’s journey ‘from dark to light,’ she decided to dip into the more positive emotional frequencies for her inspirations; particularly amid tumult and confusion. It’s in these times when one answers the question, “How do I keep goin’?”  With MILE 84, she drove into lighter themes than she had written about before, which also follows her experimentation in volume one of the “Chicago Trilogy,” SPEED LIMIT 55.

Illinois 19:
poems on the way home

ILLINOIS 19 completes the 'Chicago Triology.' it takes us on the last run from Chicago all the way back to Nashville, TN. ILLINOIS 19 is the 3rd and final installation in this first series of works and is the more etheric of the three.

Following  SPEED LIMIT 55 & MILE 84, Oni drives all the way home with ILLINOIS 19. She rounds out a poetic series that started in Chicago, Illinois and ends back in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. The 'Chicago Trilogy' is at last complete. ILLINOIS 19 is a tour de force of colorful perspective, poetic license, and a little daring do. Sit back and enjoy the ride home.

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